Essential Oil Diffuser With Salt Lamp

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Essential Oil Diffuser With Salt Lamp
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Ultrasonic electronic aromatherapy diffuser with 70ml water capacity;

Distributes evaporated essential oils into the air for creating a lightly scented, relaxing mood;

Salt rock lamp cover gives off a soothing and warm pink-orange glow;

Up to 4 hours of continuous run time;

Automatically shuts off once water tank is empty;

Whisper quiet operation.

 70ml Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser with Salt Lamp

Enhance your mood and enjoy invigorating natural fragrances with the Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. This easy-to-operate device is perfect for placing in a bedroom or common space to gently distribute diffused scent throughout the day or night. To use, simply fill the water tray and add a few drops of essential oil to relax, energize, or uplift your senses. Oils not included.

oil diffuser

Salt Rock Lamp Cover

Featuring a rounded, modern design with a real salt rock cover, the oil diffuser exudes a soothing orange-pink glow and fits in nicely with your existing decor. Enhance the atmosphere in any room and elevate your mood with this unique item.

Up to 4 Hours of Continuous Operation

With whisper-quiet operation, the essential oil diffuser offers a continuous run time of up to 4 hours. Safe and simple to use, the unit features an automatic shutoff function when the tray runs dry, making it ideal for overnight or daily use.

Product Specification


Product Dimensions: 4.7 x 4.7 x 5.8 inches

Item Weight: 11.2 ounces

essential diffuser

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