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Work from home is a fashion, can also be called the SOHO. People form a specific way to office under the development of modern communication. Everyone can handle company affairs through computers in their own homes.

Today, the SOHO has become a specific way to office due to the coronavirus pandemic. Because of the COVID-19, many companies in China and the world have also adopted this way to office. Microsoft even gives some employees the option to work from home permanently.


Our company aims to create a comfortable and convenient office environment for people working from home. For example, a spacious desk for place a computer and various documents, allows you to look for information easily. For example, an ergonomic desk and chair help you work in a good condition. The height of the chair must be able to make your eyes and the laptop display at the same level when you sit upright. When your hand is placed on the keyboard, your arm and elbow should be at 90 degrees. And just think, you are relaxing your waist and your back while working, because your office chair is equipped with a massage backrest, so that you can make yourself comfortable all day.

We aim to help you do your job efficiently while protecting the health of yourself and your family. Come and contact us now!

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